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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

Our firm has assisted clients from start to finish in all aspects of real estate transactions for over 10 years, including contract preparation all the way through sitting with you at the closing table. We are equipped for high-volume real estate transactions, both residential and commercial. We understand and navigate the behind-the-scenes work associated with property transfers and work diligently to ensure a seamless and smooth process for our clients. 

Dedicated Team
Our real estate team is dedicated to making the purchase or sale of your property an enjoyable and pleasant experience.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an essential legal tool that allows you to decide who your beneficiaries will be upon your death, how your estate will be liquidated upon your death, and what should happen if you are no longer able to manage your financial or medical affairs. Without estate planning documents, you allow the Code of Virginia to determine your rights and how your affairs should be managed. 

Various aspects of the estate planning process

Our firm is equipped to assist with various aspects of the estate planning process, including:

  • Last Will and Testament – details how you wish your affairs to be managed and who you would like to manage them;
  • Power of Attorney – appoints an agent to handle affairs on your behalf if you are unable to handle your own affairs;
  • Advanced Medical Directive / Medical Power of Attorney – appoints an agent to make medical decisions in the event that you are unable to make these decisions yourself;
  • Transfer on Death Deed – passes property to a specific beneficiary to take effect upon your passing.

Landlord & Tenant


Springer Law Group represents both property managers and private landlords in the wide array of disputes that may arise during a landlord/tenant relationship. Our staff is well versed in the regulations governing landlords and tenants under the Code of Virginia and actively monitors changes implemented by our state legislature. 

Residential and Commercial

Additionally, we are experienced in residential and commercial lease review and preparation. Our firm is here to assist you in understand your rights and acting on your behalf to protect your investments.


Civil Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in litigating civil matters in both state and federal courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We are well versed in dispute resolution and negotiation, but in the event that we cannot settle a case, we are prepared to advocate vigorously for your interests.

Business Organization

Business Organization

New or existing business ventures do not have to be overwhelming! Allow our experienced attorneys to assist you with initial business formation, existing business modifications, and business or business asset purchases. 

Registered Agent

Our firm serves as Registered Agent for 100+ entities. As Registered Agent, we will coordinate and maintain all annual renewal and state compliance requirements for your business(es). We will also accept service on behalf of the entities we manage and will coordinate the same with our business owners.


Debt Collection

Our firm specializes in obtaining and enforcing judgments. Our staff work tirelessly to collect money owed to creditors through various debt collection tools. We are equipped to assist small business owners as well has high-volume creditors in procuring outstanding debts and funds owed to them.

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